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Farsi (Persian)

member of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian language family; it is the official language of Iran. It is most closely related to Middle and Old Persian, former languages of the region of Fars ("Persia") in southwestern Iran. Modern Persian is thus called Farsi by native speakers. Written in Arabic characters, modern Persian also has many Arabic loanwords and an extensive literature. (Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.)


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English-Farsi with pronunciation for English

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Author: Hossein Vakily PhD.
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Persian Keyboard

Persian alphabet is based on the Arabic alphabet, but it has additional letters like Persian yeh. You can install Tavultesoft Keyman 6.0 and the Persian keyboard for it. This software properly types these additional letters in Pop-Up Dictionary.

Note, that newer version of Tavultesoft Keyman are not free any more, so if you want to get support and new stable versions of Keyman, you can buy it at www.tavultesoft.com.

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