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Latin-Portuguese NEW

Entries: 1 907
Source: www.portaldetonando.com.br and other sources
Download link: lat-por.zip (~149 Kb). Hits:

This dictionary contains mostly Legal Latin expressions. There is a plan to add explanations in
other European or Asian languages. If you can contribute to this project, please contact Linguasoft.


Entries: 4 787
Download link: lat-eng.zip (~283 Kb). Hits:  


Entries: 8 366
Download link: eng-lat.zip (~326 Kb). Hits:  

Russian-Latin Dictionary of Living Latin

Entries: 17 786
Author: Mikail Petrovich and Peter Mikhailovich Polyashev

Download link: rus-latin.zip (~1 788 Kb). Hits:  

This dictionary uses formatting tags and can be opened in Pop-Up Dictionary 4.1 or higher.

Latin-Russian + Latin Proverbs

Entries: General (12 599), Proverbs (1 283)
Author: Nikolaj Trushkin

Download link: latin-rus.zip (~581 Kb). Hits:  

The source of the dictionary is different course books and dictionaries.

Latin-Russian dictionary of Latin Proverbs
(with transcription)

Entries: 128
Author: Artyom Lukanin

Download link: lat-rus_proverbs.zip (~25 Kb). Hits:  

All rights reserved for the authors of the dictionaries. Please, contact the authors of the dictionaries for all questions concerning the contents and copyrights of the dictionaries.

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