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Old Church Slavonic

also called OLD CHURCH SLAVIC, Slavic language based primarily on the Macedonian (South Slavic) dialects around Thessalonica (Thessaloníki). It was used in the 9th century by the missionaries Saints Cyril (Constantine) and Methodius, who were natives of Thessalonica, for preaching to the Moravian Slavs and for translating the Bible into Slavic. Old Church Slavonic was the first Slavic literary language and was written in two alphabets known as Glagolitic and Cyrillic (the invention of Glagolitic has been traditionally ascribed to St. Cyril). Old Church Slavonic was readily adopted in other Slavic regions, where, with local modifications, it remained the religious and literary language of Orthodox Slavs throughout the European Middle Ages. (Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.)

Russian-Old Church Slavonic (cyrillic, ninth - twelfth centuries)

Entries: 1 235
Author: Oleg Zima
Suggested Font: Staroslavenski unicode available at http://www.hr/darko/etf/gl-font.html
or Arial Unicode MS
Download link: rus-oldslav.zip (54 Kb). Hits:

View Appendix 1 - Phonetic Guide (357 Kb) and Appendix 2 - Grammatical Guide (1 099 Kb) as well.

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  3. Open this dictionary in Pop-Up Dictionary.
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  6. Select Pop-Up Dictionary sorting rules, Old Church Slavonic and click OK.

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