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New Dictionaries

Multitran English-Russian dictionary NEW

Entries: 1 000 000
Source: www.multitran.ru
Date: October 14, 2010
Download link: multitran.zip (37,7 Mb). Hits:  

This demo-dictionary is kindly given by the author of www.multitran.ru where the full version of the dictionary is located.
Each entry represents one word meaning, which is convenient for selecting words to memorize. When viewing a
translation, note that the word can have multiple interpretations, so you should always scroll through the list to view all
the meanings or use the advanced search (for example, pressing Shift+Enter after typing words in the entry word field,
you can see a list of all the meanings on the Found tab).

This dictionary can be used as a Russian-English dictionary as well.


English-Russian Dictionary by Professor V.K.Mueller
(with transcription for most entries)

Entries: 67 047
Used Font: Arial Unicode MS, Gentium или  Lucida Sans Unicode
Download link
: mueller.zip (~7 395 Kb). Hits:  

All the entries are formatted and most of them (about 40,000) have
transcription. The transcription was added from the 7-th edition of
this dictionary.

(C) English-Russian Dictionary by Professor V.K.Mueller,
24-th Revised Edition; Moscow, "Russky Yazyk", 1995;
Electronic Version by "Palek", 1998; Electronic Version for Unix
by E.S.Cymbalyuk 1999, ver. 1.6, see latest version on

Ogden's Basic English-Russian Dictionary
with transcription and recorded pronunciation

Entries: 2 000
Vocabularies: 1 - Operations, 2 - Things (General), 3 - Things (Picturable),
      4 - Qualities (General), 5 - Qualities (Opposites), Basic English,
      Compound Words, International Words, The Next Steps
Author: Andrey Baksarayev (http://bxmemo.narod.ru)
Download link: basicen-ru.zip (~291 Kb). Hits:  
Sound files: EngWav.zip (~3 221 kb) Updated!

This dictionary is made according Ogden's Basic English methodology.
To learn Basic English you should learn words from the lessons 1-5, then from the
vocabularies "International Words", "The Next Steps" and "Compound Words".
The "Basic English" vocabulary consists the words from the lessons 1-5 (850 words),
the General vocabulary consists the words from all other vocabularies (2000 words).

Pop-Up Dictionary 4.5 or newer includes this dictionary,
though you can download the sound files for it.

The sound files for lessons 1-5 and "International" are sent by Oleg Barko.

English-Russian with transcription for some words

Entries: 57 303
Vocabularies: General, Business, Comp_Morphology, Dorian Gray,
Expressions, Great Gatsby, Maugham, Webster
Author: converted from the dictionary of program Erred Dictionary,
new vocabularies and words are added by Artyom Lukanin.
Download link: ErredEnRus57.zip (~2 217 Kb). Hits:  

English-Russian Activator

Entries: 4 769
Sent by Dmitry
Updated by: Alec Ananchenko Date: March 7, 2005
Download link: En-Ru4370.zip (~145 Kb). Hits:  

English-Russian Proverbs dictionary

Entries: 1 034
Author: Aleksey Khvatov
Date: December 14, 2005
Download link: proverbs.zip (102 Kb). Hits:  

Russian-English Disease's Dictionary (ICD-10)

Entries: 12 714
Author: Oleg Zima
Date: November 21, 2005
Download link: ICD-10.zip (844 Kb). Hits:  
Template: icd10_templates.zip (Learn more about templates)

Russian-English disease's dictionary (in accordance with ICD-10, International Statistical Classification of
Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision).
The dictionary will be of interest to doctors, medical record clerks, translators. It contains all known diseases.
ICD-10 encoding is used to fill in case reports, medical certificates and other medical documents in Russia,
Ukraine, USA and Europe.

English Lessons

Entries: 646
Vocabularies: Character, Food, General, Shoppings,
The Woman in White, Theatre, Weather
Author: Artyom Lukanin.
Download link: EnglishLessons.zip (~82 Kb). Hits:  

English Word

Entries: 12 788
Vocabularies: General, Verbs
Author: converted from the dictionary of program EnglishWord,
revised by Ikonnikov A.V.
Download link: EnglishWord.zip (~469 Kb). Hits:  

English-Russian Activator

Entries: 7 048
Author: converted from the dictionary of program "Учиться, учиться, учиться"
Download link: yyy.zip (~370 Kb). Hits:  

American English-Russian Activator

Entries: 2 492
Sent by Dmitry
Download link: Amer-Ru.zip (~109 Kb). Hits:  


Entries: 1 142
Sent by Eugene Reznik
Download link: slang.zip (~76 Kb). Hits:  


A. J. Lohwater's RussianEnglish Dictionary
of the Mathematical Sciences

Entries: 13 243
Sent by: Antero Vipunen
Download link: rus-eng-math.zip (~682 Kb). Hits:  

A. J. Lohwater's RussianEnglish Dictionary of the Mathematical
Sciences. Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. Edited by R. P.
Boas. American Mathematical Society. Providence, Rhode Island.


Entries: 49 907
Author: converted from the dictionary of program Erred Dictionary
Download link: ErredRusEn50.zip (~1 759 Kb). Hits:  

All rights reserved for the authors of the dictionaries. Please, contact the authors of the dictionaries for all questions concerning the contents and copyrights of the dictionaries.

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