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Serbo-Croatian Srpskohrvatski Jezik, South Slavic language that is the native language of most speakers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. It historically served as an important secondary language in Slovenia and Macedonia. The Croats, who are Roman Catholic and who lived for centuries under Venetian or Austro-Hungarian rule, and the Serbs, who are Eastern Orthodox in religion and who, after a short period of independence, lived for five centuries under Turkish domination, have adopted distinct standard (literary) forms, Croatian and Serbian; with the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Bosnian form must also be recognized. Vocabulary and pronunciation differences exist among the three but form no real barrier to communication. The Croats and Bosnians use the Roman, or Latin, alphabet; the Serbs and Montenegrins of present-day Yugoslavia use Cyrillic. (Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.)

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View Appendix 1 - Phonetic Guide (131 Kb, in Russian) as well.


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View Appendix 1 - Phonetic Guide (131 Kb, in Russian) as well.


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