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More free dictionaries...

You can use other free dictionaries in Pop-Up Dictionary. If you have a text file, where the entry word and the translation are delimited by a tab symbol and you have MS Access 2000/XP/2003, then you can convert this text file into Pop-Up Dictionary format:

  1. Create a dictionary in Pop-Up Dictionary (the length of the translation field should be 255 symbols, the entry words can be repeated).
  2. Close Pop-Up Dictionary.
  3. Open the text file in MS Word and copy its contents into the clipboard (Ctrl+C).
  4. Open the created dictionary in MS Access 2000, open the General table and select the original and translation fields.
  5. Paste the text (Ctrl+V).
  6. The dictionary is converted! Close MS Access 2000 and run Pop-Up Dictionary again.

Create free dictionary from the Universal dictionary:

NOTE! You can use these dictionaries only for personal use and may not to distribute them. We DO NOT give free registration keys for these dictionaries!

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