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  Current Version: 4.8.577
  Last Update: 27/09/2010
  File Size: 4 827 Kb

  Dictionaries: 247
  Phrase Glossaries: 38
  Languages: 82

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Pop-Up Dictionary 4.8
For Windows 95/98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Build: 577
File: 4 827 Kb

This is a freeware program. During 21 days you can use additional functions for free: edit and create vocabularies and dictionaries, use the pop-up dictionary mode (Ctrl+Ins+Ins) and Advanced Search. After 21 days you can use Pop-Up Dictionary for free, but the additional functions will be disabled. No nag screen will appear during the work of the program. You are encouraged to purchase Pop-Up Dictionary for US $49.95 if you like this software and want to use the additional functions.

You can view the Help file before downloading Pop-Up Dictionary (this file is included into the setup).

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Downloaded already:

Interface Languages

Language Writing Version Author Help File
Armenian Armenian   David Hovhannisian  
Azerbaijani Azerbaijani   Nazim Alizade  
Belarusian Belarusian   Adam Shpakouski  
Bulgarian Bulgarian 4.7 Ivaylo Ivanov  
Czech Czech   Linguasoft  
Dutch Dutch 4.7 Marius Doornenbal  
English English 4.8 Artyom Lukanin help.chm
Estonian Estonian   Tatyana Smykova and Margus Vals  
French French   M. Daniel Lamontagne & Linguasoft  
German German   Ronald W. Strang & Linguasoft  
Hebrew Hebrew   Fira Kigelman & Vladimir Zaidiner  
Hungarian Hungarian   Linguasoft  
Italian Italian 4.7 Yuval Ben-Zeev  
Korean Korean   CPT Morgan  
Lithuanian Lithuanian 4.7 Liubartas Akminas  
Macedonian Macedonian 4.7 Vladimir Gerovski  
Polish Polish   Emilia Guszpit plhelp.zip by Alina Szafran
Portuguese Portuguese   Flvio Ferreira  
Russian Russian 4.8 Artyom Lukanin rhelp.zip
Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Cyrillic)   Dejan Skrebic  
Serbian (Latin) Serbian (Latin)   Dejan Skrebic  
Spanish Lспанский 4.7 Alexander Kormachov  
Slovak Slovak   Linguasoft  
Tatarish Tatarish 4.7 Albert Fazl  
Turkish Turkish   Maksut Altay  
Ukrainian Ukrainian   Vladimir Telizhenko  
Vietnamese Vietnamese   Đ̃ Qúc Bảo, H̀ Trung Mỹ  


TTS voices for Pop-Up Dictionary 4.7

Voice Technology Size
American English (Mike) SAPI 4 2.2 Mb
American English (Mary) SAPI 4 2.3 Mb
American English (True Voice, Male) SAPI 4 1 Mb
British English (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.5 Mb



896 Kb

Dutch (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.6 Mb
German (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.2 Mb
French (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.2 Mb
Italian (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2 Mb
Portuguese (Brazil) (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.4 Mb
Spanish (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.4 Mb
Russian (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 2.9 Mb
Japanese (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 3 Mb
Korean (L&H, Male & Female) SAPI 4 3 Mb
American English (Sam, Mike and Mary) (Mirror 2, Mirror 3) SAPI 5 9.9 Mb
Simplified Chinese (Male) (Mirror 2) SAPI 5 1.6 Mb
Greek MBROLA 8.7 Mb

To use SAPI 4 voices you should install SAPI 4.0 runtime support (installed with Windows 2000).

To use SAPI 5 voices you should install SAPI 5.1 runtime support (installed with Windows XP).


Recommended updates

In order to run Pop-Up Dictionary under Windows 95, you may need to install the following updates (they are included in the latest versions (at least 4.0) of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000/XP, and Visual Studio).

маркированный список Microsoft HTML Help update
Download from our site
маркированный список COMCTL32 Update (499 Kb)
Download from our site

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