How to enable Copy To > button?

If button is disabled you should choose a vocabulary first, to which you want to copy entries. To do this:

  1. Select the Dictionary tab
  2. Press the Editing >> button to go to the Edit Mode
  3. Choose any vocabulary from the pull-down list at the bottom-right corner of the window

If there are no vocabularies in that list, you should create at least one to have an opportunity to copy entries there:

  1. Type the name of a new vocabulary into this list
  2. Click the Add New button under this list

You will be asked whether to use more than 255 symbols for the translation field (the dictionary will be larger) or not (it's more efficient, but the size of the translation field will be limited).

Now button is enabled and you can copy entries from the current vocabulary to the chosen one.

Note: hold the mouse cursor over this button to see the name of the vocabulary, where the entries will be copied.