I have created a new dictionary by clicking button, but I can't find it in the drop-down list

There are two main objects in Pop-Up Dictionary:

маркированный список Dictionary
маркированный список Vocabulary

A dictionary consists of several vocabularies, which listed in the drop-down list on the toolbar. If you would like to use Pop-Up Dictionary for reading books, I would advise you to do the following:

  1. Download some big dictionary from our site, unzip it into the Pop-Up Dictionary folder (usually C:\Program Files\Pop-Up Dictionary)
  2. Open it in Pop-Up Dictionary (click button on the toolbar)
  3. Create your own vocabulary in this dictionary, where you will be able to copy words for studying.
    маркированный список On the Dictionary tab click the Editing >> button.
    маркированный список Enter the name of your new vocabulary (e.g. The Scarlet Flower) into the drop-down box below
    маркированный список Click the Add New button under this box.
  4. Now you can search words in this big dictionary, press F5 to copy the current entry into your vocabulary (Advanced Mode should be switched on), add your own words in the Edit Mode (after clicking the Editing >> button) and copy them too.
  5. When you are done, choose your vocabulary from the uppermost drop-down list box and test yourself. You can switch between your vocabulary and the previous one (General in this case) by clicking button on the toolbar near the drop-down list box.