How to Make the Interface in my Own Language?

One translation of the interface consists of 2 files, which are placed into the "language\" folder under the program's folder (it is usually C:\Program Files\Pop-Up Dictionary\language\ folder):

маркированный список *.ini file (e.g. German.ini) consists strings, translated into your language
маркированный список *.bmp file (e.g. German.bmp) is a bitmap with the picture,
which depicts the name of your language in your language.

The names of these files should be the name of your language in English. If you don't make a bitmap file, the name of the file will be shown instead of the picture (e.g. German).

To make the INI-file:

  1. Copy any of the existing INI-files (in Explorer: menu Edit\Copy, menu Edit\Paste), a copy of this file will appear (e.g. file "Copy of English.ini").
  2. Rename it to the name of your language (in Explorer: select the copied file, press F2 and type the name of your language in English, e.g. "German.ini").

Now you can open your INI-file (e.g. German.ini) and opposite every name of the string after the "=" symbol replace the text with your translation.

E.g. instead of the string:

AboutCaption=About Pop-Up Dictionary


AboutCaption=άber Pop-Up Dictionary

You should also specify the character set of your language to display your interface correctly. For this change the number opposite the string "Charset=" to the number of your character set. Below you can see the numbers for different character sets:

0 — Western European
134 — GB2312
161 — Greek
162 — Turkish
177 — Hebrew
178 — Arabic
186 — Baltic
204 — Cyrilic
222 — Thai

If you send us the interface translated into your own language, we will give you a FREE registration of Pop-Up Dictionary.