1. The caption of the window. The name of the opened dictionary is shown here. There are 3 buttons to the right:
    маркированный список Minimize: minimizes the window to the task bar
    маркированный список Maximize: is not used in Pop-Up Dictionary
    маркированный список Close: hides the window to the system tray (where the clock is).
    To quit the program right-click the "book" icon in the system tray
    and choose Exit in the pop-up menu.
  2. Toolbar
  3. Area, where the tabs of modes and general buttons, which are used on each of the tabs:

    Tabs: Dictionary, Found, Test, Slide Show (the last 2 tabs are not visible if testing for the current dictionary is disabled)
    Marks the current entry as a learned one. After the entry is marked learned you still can see it on the Dictionary tab, but it will be not included into the test or slide show. To uncheck the word go to the appropriate learned dictionary (the label "- learned" is written near the name of the dictionary), find this word and click button. Read more about learned vocabularies...
    This check box is shown only if you have chosen to test Only Chosen words on the Test tab of the Options dialog box. Tick the current entry off for testing or clear the check mark to exclude the current entry from testing.
    Button Editing >>/<< Editing on the tabs Dictionary and Found
    Check/Next on the Test tab
    Start on the Slide Show tab
  4. Original word field.
  5. Transcription field.

    This is a provisory name. Actually you can enter there anything you like (e.g. some of our dictionaries use this field for transliteration, roots and etymology).
  6. Translation field
  7. Field Buttons
  8. Search Field
  9. Edit Mode Tools