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Alexander Kleinzit

I was creating this dictionary when began study Hebrew. For a beginner it's hard enough to make a text and then sound it at the lesson. The similar situation appears when you can't understand what have you written in your native language. And Hebrew has virtually 2 different letters per every sound. Also I often had to search for Hebrew words, which I have heard on the radio or a cassette.

The manual I consulted during making this dictionary is called:
И.М.Слонимская, "Так это на иврите". It is published in Pyatigorsk in 1997.

About myself in brief:
Profession: programmer, major - databases (DBase, MS SQL, Oracle). I know C/C++, Delphi, FoxPro, Clipper, Visual Basic.
Age: 43.
Education: high, graduated from The Polytechnic Institute of Odessa in 1982.
Worked as a programmer, system administrator, project manager.

Since August 2001 I've been living in Israel.

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