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  Last Update: 27/09/2010
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These Screenshots of Pop-Up Dictionary have been taken in the current state of development under Windows 2000 and XP Professional. Click the images to enlarge. You'll find a small description to each screenshot on the right side.

HTML-code in the Translation Field NEW

Along with Pop-Up Dictionary formatting tags (in Pop-Up Dictionary 4.6 and higher you can browse pictures) any HTML-code can be pasted into the translation field.

If a dictionary has one format for all entries, a HTML-template can be used for the whole dictionary or different HTML-template for different entries to reduce the size of the dictionary.

Sentence Word-for-Word Translation

If you enter a sentence into the Search field and press Alt+Enter, you will see the translation for each word (if the opened dictionary has such entries) in the order of their appearing in the sentence.

Simple Mode - Main Window

On the selected Dictionary tab you can browse through the current dictionary. There is a searching tool in the bottom of the window. To sort the dictionary by original word, translation or transcription and search words in these fields click the Sort button near that field.

Advanced Mode - Main Window

There are some additional buttons in the Advanced Mode, which help to manipulate the program more easily. On the selected Dictionary tab you can browse through the current dictionary. There is a searching tool in the bottom of the window.

Main Window - Edit Mode

When you click the 'Editing >>' button, a new panel will be opened in the bottom of the window. All needed buttons for editing are placed here. Here you can also create new dictionaries and vocabularies and copy or move entries between them.

Main Window - Edit Mode - Format Tags

All the entries can be formatted with the help of tags. They are visible only when you edit entries or add new ones. To format any text, select it and click the appropriate button on the formatting toolbar. To remove tags click the button one more time.

Options - Test Tab

You can choose different options for testing on this tab: to test original word, translation or both; to test all the words of the dictionary or only chosen. If you associated sound files with entries of downloaded such a dictionary (see, e.g., our phrase glossaries), sounds can be played automatically during the test.

Options - View Tab

You can completely control the representation of entries: choose any font, color of the text, of the background and colors of features and references in every field: original word, translation and transcription. Choose text direction and keyboard layout, which will be activated, when you place the cursor in the field.

Main Window - Right-to-Left Text Direction

Text direction can be easily changed from left-to-right to right-to-left for showing Hebrew, Arabic or other right-to-left script languages. To change the text direction of any field just click the Arrow near the required field in Advanced Mode. In Simple Mode you can change the text direction in the Options dialog box on the View tab.

Other Screenshots

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