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Bible and Qur'an Studies

Multilingual Bible (New Testament) NEW
in Greek (3x), Aramaic, Latin, German (2x), English (3x), Danish, Hungarian, Portuguese,
Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Arabic

Entries: 7 962
Copyright status: All electronic texts in this collection are freeware.
Recommended font for Syriac (Aramaic): Estrangelo Edessa (Copyright (c) Syriac Computing
Institute. For free distribution. Created by Paul Nelson and George Kiraz, 2000.)
Download link: BibleNT.zip (7 874 Kb). Hits:  
Templates: BibleNT_templates.zip (Learn more about templates)

Multilingual Qur'an
in Arabic, Turkish, Indonesian, English, French, German, Dutch

Entries: 6 350
Copyright status: The electronic texts are based on <libquran>, a library provided
by arabeyes.org and released under LGPL.
Recommended Arabic OpenType fonts: "Arabic Typesetting" from Microsoft (part of the
supplemental files for Microsoft VOLT users community members) or "Scheherazade Regular" from SIL
Editor: Linguasoft
Download link: quran.zip (3 845 Kb). Hits:  
Templates: quran_templates.zip (Learn more about templates)

All rights reserved for the authors of the dictionaries. Please, contact the authors of the dictionaries for all questions concerning the contents and copyrights of the dictionaries.

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